Enhancing the Quality of Life and Peace of Mind of our Clients and Their Families…while Enhancing the Quality of Life and Peace of Mind of our Clients and Their Families…

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In the Summer of 2006, Dr. Paul Sirbaugh and his sister, Tami, discussed that the time would soon come when their beloved mother would be in need of more assistance than either of them could provide.

They searched for months to find an appropriate caregiver company, but they found that companies seemed to approach caregiving as an impersonal business transaction. The search continued. Paul and Tami would not settle for anything less than exceptional care for their mom.

In the Fall, the need for care was apparent. Paul and his business partner agreed that there was only one option that would ensure Paul’s Mom received the standard of care she deserved – they had to establish a new caregiving company – one that would recruit caregivers who possessed a strong sense of compassion, technical competence, patience, integrity and joy.

By the Winter of 2006, Mom was being well cared for by a Patient Caregiver. Now that she was getting the right care from a qualified professional, Paul and Tami could reclaim their place in mom’s life as son and daughter without the stress or hardship of trying to provide the care they were simply unable to provide.

For over a decade, Patient Caregivers has continued to help clients, using the same “matchmaker” approach Paul and Tami implemented when seeking a partner in caring for their mother. Today, Patient Caregivers is licensed by the state of Texas as a Personal Assistance Services Agency. All employees are insured, bonded and drug tested for your protection.

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Our service philosophy centers on the fact that relationships between family members are precious and cannot ever be substituted. When we consider how drastically the roles of each family member change over time, families can often experience stress as family members seek out the best way to continue “being there” for each other, while learning how to navigate the dynamics of these redefined relationships.

When parent-and-child or husband-and-wife relationships transition to patient-and-caregiver, there is often anxiety, stress, uncertainty and to some extent, even a loss of privacy. Driven by circumstances beyond anyone’s control, such changes are rarely ever fully understood when family members begin to assume their new roles.

While you continue to juggle the many demands for your time and attention, we ask that you please consider letting Patient Caregivers serve as your preferred caregiving partner. We are confident that once you have seen the quality of service and personal attention our staff provides, you will enjoy great relief and peace of mind as we care for your loved one.

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