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Enhancing the Quality of Life and Peace of Mind of our Clients and Their Families…while Enhancing the Quality of Life and Peace of Mind of our Clients and Their Families…

Everything we do is specifically engineered for this purpose.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you are looking for companionship or more intensive support services for a loved one, we are here to help you find solutions that work for your family.

What is in home assistance, home health care or caregiving?2021-01-20T10:48:48-05:00
Do my senior parents or loved one need home care? How do I know when it’s time to find home care for my elderly parents or loved one?2021-01-20T10:17:21-05:00

How do I talk to my elderly parents or loved one about caregiving and home assistance?2021-01-20T10:18:56-05:00

What should my family and I expect with home care?2021-01-20T10:36:31-05:00

My elderly parents or loved one are not ready to leave their home – how can home care help them?2020-10-14T21:27:56-05:00

How will a move or change effect my elderly parents or loved ones?2020-10-14T21:28:06-05:00

How do I discuss finances and home care costs with my elderly parents or loved ones?2021-01-20T10:30:04-05:00

My elderly parents will need to move in with me. How do I start the conversation?2021-01-20T10:35:55-05:00

What kinds of things should I watch out for when checking in on my senior parents?2020-10-14T21:28:44-05:00

How do I start the process?2020-10-14T21:28:16-05:00

My senior parents are having a harder time getting around and I’m worried they will injure themselves. How can I make their home environment safe?2020-10-14T21:28:24-05:00

How will a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, affect my elderly parents or loved ones?2020-10-14T21:28:37-05:00

I’m out of state, how do I arrange in home care assistance and caregiving for my loved one in Texas?2020-10-15T16:19:08-05:00

We can help you get started. Our company, Patient Caregivers, originated from the personal experiences of our owners, one of whom needed to arrange out of state travel and care (read about his personal experience here: https://patientcaregivers.com/deciding-care/. They wanted to simplify the difficult and frustrating process of finding Compassionate, Patient, Trustworthy, Qualified and Experienced Caregivers for clients and their families. If you need assistance, perhaps someone to provide companionship or supervise an elderly relative while you are planning a more permanent solution, please give us a call. We provide a variety of home health services including transportation, meal preparation and housekeeping. For more information about Patient Caregivers or to learn how Patient Caregivers can help you and your loved one, please contact us at (713) 227-3448.

Where can I find Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Locations and Resources?2020-10-15T18:48:20-05:00

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