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Home Health Care for Elderly

Home Health Care – What to Expect


Home care includes a wide array of basic and more complex services designed to support and care for the elderly. Although many people might need home health care following a major surgery, seniors often need different kinds of services and need them over a longer period of time. Here are the basics of home care for seniors, courtesy of Patient Caregivers.

Why Home Care?

Patient Caregivers grew from the need of two siblings who wanted to provide care for their elderly mother that met their high standards for safe, compassionate care in her own home. Trying to care for an elderly relative is stressful, and it means that children can no longer be just family members because they are also required to be caregivers – sometimes the two roles are at variance. With Patient Caregivers, seniors who need home care can receive services targeted to their individual needs and situation. They can remain in their own homes, surrounded by loving family, while still receiving necessary care that is both compassionate and safe.

What Can I Expect?

Home care services are designed around the basic activities of living that an elderly person might find difficult. For example, shopping and meal preparation can become difficult if the senior has vision issues and can’t drive, or arthritis limits his or her ability to prepare a meal. Housekeeping activities require the ability to ambulate without assistance and to maintain balance while dusting or doing the dishes. These are the sorts of activities for which home care services are designed, as well as basic hygiene or helping a senior dress and bathe. The companionship provided by the caregivers is also important for many seniors.

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