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Free In-Home Care Consultation

As your loved ones age, they are more likely to develop chronic illnesses, disabilities, or otherwise become less able to perform essential tasks on their own. Many elderly individuals prefer to remain in the comfort of their own homes or even want to live with an adult relative – usually a son or daughter – as they age. Whether your loved one prefers to stay at home or live with you, hiring a Houston home care service can benefit their long-term comfort.

However, providing care for an aging loved one can bring many stressors for the family caregiver, even if the patient prefers to receive trusted home care services in Houston. You may face several important considerations, including questions like “Does my aging parent need caregiving?” and “How can I ensure my parent is safe?” Patient Caregivers is pleased to offer a free in-home care consultation. We are here to help your family navigate the challenges faced when transitioning to in-home care. Knowing how to create a safe environment for your loved one may seem overwhelming – let us manage this process for you. You can go back to being sons and daughters with peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe and well cared for.

How Houston In-Home Care Consultations Benefit You and Your Loved One

When you request a free in-home care consultation from Patient Caregivers, members of our Houston, TX advisory team will visit your loved one’s place of residence in person. We will discuss your general concerns regarding safe in-home care for an elderly parent, as well as unique considerations specific to your loved one. Then, our personal care attendants will provide recommendations regarding any changes or adjustments you need to make to ensure the home is safe.

During the in-home consultation visit, participation and active input from you or your loved one are welcome. We strongly recommend including your parent in the consultation and decision-making process to ensure our primary goal is met: Providing a safe, comfortable way for elderly individuals to remain in their own home (or in your home) for as long as possible. We will work with you, your parent, and any other family caregivers to begin the home care journey with compassion, safety, and comfort for all involved.

Request an In-Home Care Consultation from Patient Caregivers

Patient Caregivers is a qualified expert in Houston home visit caregiving and utilizes this vast industry knowledge to give family caregivers access to a wealth of valuable services and resources. If you and your loved one wish to pursue family caregiving services on your own, our in-home consultation can help you do so as safely as possible. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to hire part-time or full-time caregiving services from personal attendants with thorough background checks and experience in elderly nutrition, elderly safety, home healthcare, and more, we can match you with the ideal caregiver for your needs.

Schedule an in-home consultation today to access Patient Caregivers’ extensive knowledge of in-home elderly living. We will help you ensure that your home is safe for your loved one and work with your family to determine a comfortable path forward.

To schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Patient Caregivers today.

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