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Diversity and Inclusion for ALL Caregivers and Clients

We support our elderly and disabled LGBTQ clients, and provide caregiver services and employment without discrimination. We were disheartened to read today’s article: “Texas allows social workers to deny LGBTQ, disabled clients by AP News. The Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners unanimously voted to eliminate the nondiscrimination clause that protected disabled and LGBTQ+ Texans, allowing social workers to turn away clients based upon their disability, sexual orientation or gender identify (AP News).

“It’s disturbing, even if it’s unintentional,” Francis said. “They created space for people to get the impression that this is allowed now. What the governor has done is put people with disabilities at risk for discrimination for no reason.” -AP News

This decision couldn’t have come at a worse time for our vulnerable populations. With the pandemic and flu season converging, access to resources is even further limited by this decision. Isolation and depression are a real and immediate threat to the physical and emotional wellbeing of our cherished elderly, disabled, and LGBTQ+ citizens.

We want Texas to know we stand in solidarity with advocacy groups challenging this decision, and will continue to support and protect our clients and employees.

Original Article:

AP News, “Texas allows social workers to deny LGBTQ disabled clients.” AP News, 17 Oct 2020, Accessed 17 Oct 2020


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